Beware of Instant Online Health Insurance Quotes

Consumers shopping for health insurance are expecting an instant online quote. This expectation seems reasonable; however, the health insurance industry does not fully support accurate online health insurance quotes. Most health insurance companies that underwrite health insurance policies do not allow outside companies to access their rating systems, which is needed to provide accurate online health insurance quotes.

As a result, companies that claim to provide instant online health insurance quotes may only be providing estimates. The major companies I have reviewed that provide multiple quotes do not disclose to the consumer that the instant online health insurance quote is only an estimate. As a result, the actual cost of the policy can be significantly different than what was originally suggested.

As you can imagine, consumers become quite frustrated when they realize that the application they have signed or have been asked to sign is significantly more costly than what was originally disclosed as their instant online health insurance quote. As a result, most consumers purchase their health insurance policy from their local health insurance agent.

Local health insurance agents continue to sell almost all of the health insurance polices in force today. One of the benefits of working with a local health insurance agent is that they will take your information and provide you with accurate quotes. In addition, a local health insurance agent generally has years of experience, which enables him to guide you to the right policy and to answer those difficult questions that are unique to your situation.

If you would like to receive up to five free competitive quotes from local health insurance agents near you, simply complete our short health insurance form by entering your information. You can start now by selecting your insurance type and entering your zip code in the box at the right. Once you complete our short health insurance form, we will instantly match you to five experienced health insurance agents who will work hard to find the perfect health insurance policy for your situation. Our process allows you to submit your information once to receive five competitive health insurance quotes from experienced health insurance agents.

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