Insurance Buying Checklist:

  • Begin by understanding your current insurance needs and financial situation. The insurance companies and agents on our network are trained and willing to help upon request.

  • Obtain multiple health insurance quotes, auto insurance quotes, home insurance quotes, or life insurance quotes to compare benefits, exclusions, coverage, and premiums.

  • Verify that the insurance companies providing your car insurance quotes, home insurance quotes, health insurance quotes, or life insurance quotes are financially stable and reputable. We screen the agents and companies on our network to ensure you receive insurance quotes from reputable companies.

  • Do not make quick decisions. Obtain a copy of the insurance policy and compare the coverage with the other insurance companies.

  • You do not need to purchase several policies for added coverage. In general, you need just one good car insurance, home insurance, health insurance and life insurance policy.

  • When shopping for health insurance, be sure that your application is complete and accurate; this includes your medical history.

  • Never pay by cash. You should write a check payable to the insurance company selling the policy.

  • You should receive your car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, or life insurance policy within 60 days. Simply contact your insurance agent or company if you do not receive the policy within 60 days. Typically, insurance agents and companies mail the policies in a very timely manner. Our agents will be able to e-mail or fax bindable quotes to you today.

  • Once you obtain your policy, reread the terms and coverage to verify that everything is correct. If the information is incorrect or confusing, simply contact your agent or insurance company for clarification.

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