Is buying Google (GOOG) a good inflation hedge?

Two warnings here - first from Cramer: he says when you want to learn why you lost a football game, you "go to the film". That would be the 2000 oil crisis (Kuwait invasion) and the 2008 oil crisis ($151/bbl). Both times, tech did horribly. It doesn't matter, to Cramer, that they're not tied to oil. He says to expect tech to do the same thing, just based on history.

I like GOOG as a non-apple-play though. It makes sense. Wait until Steve Jobs officially steps down or leaves the company before buying Apple here... I don't expect to have to wait for too long. I like AAPL even without jobs, but other stock owners may not agree with me. I want them out before I get into Apple hard core.

Second warning - Google is also notoriously involved in left-wing politics. I'm not sure I approve - I'd rather a search engine be agnostic (non-political) on such things. The current administration is buying placed ads with Google right now. They're doing it with taxpayer money not campaign funds, and that's technically illegal. You cannot campaign from the White House using an operating budget (i.e. non-campaign funds, straight taxpayer money). Since they're doing it with budget money, that's going to be subject to investigation soon (it has been announced but is not really in the public eye yet). I don't know what the reaction might be, but I'd guess it would be "what's the big deal? Republicans do this during campaigns, so why can't the president?" Yeah, so forget the law about how money has to be separated... the supreme court doesn't decide what is unconstitutional now, Obama does (failure to enforce DOMA law is not his choice).

Sorry the Google discussion has turned political, but they've inserted themselves into politics, recently seen sitting down with Obama over dinner to discuss the 2012 campaign. Searching for "Obamacare" only brings up positive articles for a reason - even though it's 70% opposed right now, and has been struck down as unconstitutional - i.e. it is no longer law. Only the supreme court can reinstate it.

I don't like companies tied too closely to politics, especially if they tie themselves to only one party... both parties lose eventually. I especially hate seeing something like this.

For my investment, there are other good opportunities besides Google... not Yahoo, that's for sure. Or AOL.

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